Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Rainy Day in DC

We have had such a long stretch of beautifully warm weather that yesterday seemed like an out of body experience! The overcast and very rainy skies made the city look so very different than the last many days. On our way home yesterday we drove our usual route from brunch in McLean. It was pouring sheets of rain all along the GW parkway. Then when we finally turned on to Memorial Bridge, the poor visitors were getting drenched. Some obviously were more prepared than others. I was used to constant sunny skies in Florida, and hated the very cold and dreary weather in the Midwest. That was one of the best reasons to leave the cold and ice. At least here we tend to see all four seasons. But with every passing year, the heat and sun, without ever seeing snow again sounds better and better. As for the rain? It is necessary, but I'd rather look at it from my living room window. 

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