Saturday, September 12, 2015

Minwax Wood Filler

Last weekend we spruced up the dining room chairs with Minwax filler and stain sticks.  We noticed on the patio door frame that it was looking pretty rough - not unusual for an 1890's building. Rather than replace the wood frame, we decided to get a bigger batch of wood filler at the hardware store. With gloves and butter knife in hand, we read the directions and whipped up a batch of wood filler. Within just a couple minutes it was ready. My husband carefully filled the gap and it too dried up quickly. Now all we have to do is paint it. That will have to wait for another day because it's raining now. Maybe it won't ever get painted. All in all it was a fairly painless process - because we did it ourselves and didn't have to depend on anyone else. Having to depend on someone else is always a problem around here. And it doesn't matter what the job is. 

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