Monday, September 14, 2015

Robert Plant in Lynchburg

First we got an email with a weird phone number and even odder photo attached. I automatically assumed it was a fraud and deleted it quickly. Then my husband got a text message that read "stayed at the Craddock Hotel and ate at Dish." The same weird photo was attached to it. The hotel name and restaurant were familiar to us as our son and his family moved to Virginia last year and we have stayed at both the hotel and have eaten at Dish. Then we got another text message saying the person in the photo was Robert Plant. I think I have heard "stairway to heaven" a million times - and most of the times was in a dorm room of a Led Zeppelin fanatic in college.  Apparently Robert Plant was in Lynchburg for the Lockin Music Festival and our family members took the photo near where they live. We sure didn't recognize him at all. We googled him and there he was! The same man indeed! And to think we walked the footsteps of Robert Plant!

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