Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Rally on the Capitol Grounds

Ever since we moved here, we try to see as much free entertainment as possible. So anytime there is a rally, regardless of the subject, we like to walk over to the Capitol and see current events actually in process. You could call it living history. But because I was working yesterday, my husband had to go alone. I wasn't too upset because it was in the 90's and the event started at one in the afternoon. So after lunch, he walked me back to work and then headed out to see the Iran Nuclear protest. I'm usually the photographer for all these things as the photos always supplement the blog. We are both political animals in a way that we watch just about every channel and read stories from all over the world - he more than I. So when I came home after work, I was happy to see that he captured the moment quite well!  It's not unusual for us to stumble upon political types as we walk in the neighborhood. It really gives one a whole different perspective when you live so close to any and all of this action. We attended presidential inaugurations, protests, gay rights, Supreme Court decision outcomes - just about anything and everything. That's one way to take advantage of living on Capitol Hill. It's a very unique spectacle indeed. 

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