Sunday, September 6, 2015

A. Scott Berg - Samuel Goldwyn - From Books to Movies - at the Library of Congress National Book Festival

My friend and past colleague sent me a picture of Tom Brokaw from the Library of Congress National Book Festival yesterday afternoon. She always volunteers to be event staff ever since I've known her. The event moved to the convention center from the Mall a couple years ago, and we didn't think we would go this year because we do prefer the mall, but weren't very enthusiastic for whatever reason. It used to be a two day event, but it is now one long day. So I checked the schedule on line and remembered there was an interesting program around 8 PM. So around 7:15 we jumped in the car and drove down to the convention center. Believe it or not we parked right across the street - paid parking ended at 6:30. We walked across the street, picked up our 2015 Book Festival bag, and took the escalator up to the third floor ballroom where there was already a long line snaking around the corner. Sometimes the last minute plans are the best. We so enjoyed the program that A. Scott Berg presented! He told the story of Samuel Goldwyn and Hollywood, sharing clips of some of our favorite movies and actors - like Gary Cooper and Bette Davis. He's written several biographies and spent some time telling us about his interactions with Katherine Hepburn over several years. It's amazing the number of notable people he knew or interviewed. The next segment about books to movies was completely de energizing, so we left. We rather liked attending the festival in the evening rather than during the day with all the hoopla and kids events. It was definitely a change of pace, and well worth the trip - especially if you like old movies!

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