Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Second Time Around

I've been painting with my iPad for the last five years. My Etsy shop was set up three years ago. I've submitted art works to the employee art fair the last three years and have two pieces ready to go for a fourth year. Nothing else could be a greater form of flattery to know that folks have my paintings hanging on their walls, or displayed in unique ways. In the last week I've had two requests for not just one, but two, paintings. And the subjects were varied and interesting. Any time someone requests a second item, it gives me confidence that they must have really liked the first. So there were two dogs, a baby, and a celebration. Some of the requests were very specific and require a lot of additional add ons - like tags with names, making the dog's tongue shorter, adding room elements, etc. Some of the photos I work from are very grainy and difficult to see the detail so I really need to use my imagination. In any event, each commission is a challenge, but I so enjoy the process it doesn't feel that difficult. And when the artwork is completed, it's such a good feeling to get such positive reactions. Thanks so much for noticing!

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