Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Yoko Ono Tree at the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden

I grew up with the Beatles. The photo of the children of the Beatles called "Beatlesons" circulating on Facebook reminded me of them recently. But what also reminded me of them was the Yoko Ono Tree at the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden. Right after you enter on the south side and walk down the steps, the tree is almost the first item you run in to. It reminded me of the tree we saw in Copenhagen that had wishes for babies who were on their way to childhood, covered with pacifiers and baby things. While we were looking at it, what appeared to be a curator was straightening things up, and told us we could leave a note. We didn't. But we did look at the comments that were written and hung on the branches. Most were about health. The older I get the more I hear it. What a great reminder and a wonderful way to display it - all in the name of art. 

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