Monday, July 10, 2017

A Tiny Green Plant

When you live in a tiny house, you need tiny plants. When we moved in to our tiny condo almost eleven years ago, we left behind a good sized home in the Midwest with a two car garage and an acre of land with a lot of flowers and gardens all around. Regardless of the size of the space you live in, some things don't change. So it is always pleasant to have greenery in the house. About six years ago we got a little green plant that sits on a shelf in the living room. Next to it are baby pictures of our two grandsons. Every time we think it is about to give up the ghost it grows another stem, and cascades nicely over the remaining branches. I don't know the name of the plant but I would certainly recommend it. My husband loves this tiny plant and cares for it like no other. He prefers one item to many and is constantly checking for its welfare. And it is obvious if something is awry because it's almost the only one in the house. You could say we don't like to clutter our space with a lot of stuff. But having this little plant around is just enough.

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