Saturday, July 29, 2017

Vietnamese Treats - Avocado, Tofu, and Rambutan?

We are having our bathroom renovated after eleven years of terrible tile, grout, and water issues. We are so looking forward to this remodel - especially since we had redone every room in our Midwest home only to leave it all behind for less than desirable accommodations in this tiny condo! Luckily we have a studio apartment across the hallway to inhabit while the mess is going on. The folks doing the renovation are a husband and wife team originally from Vietnam. We know them because they redid several bathrooms in our son's home down the street from us, along with just about everybody else's homes in this neighborhood. Every once in awhile they will bring along with them a treat for us. And they are fruits and drinks that we are not familiar with. It started with a fruit called rambutan, and another one on twigs called langsat. They are kind of similar in that they are colorless inside with a seed, and sweet in taste. The coconut bread/cake was quite good. This week we got an avocado shake so to speak, with chunks of avocado on the bottom. The fried tofu was interesting, and tasted better with hot mustard. All of these items are not familiar to our taste and do require getting used to. It's funny how every culture has a favorite foodstuff. And it's even better when we have the opportunity to learn about them. Then there's a can of soy drink...

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