Monday, July 3, 2017

Costco Adidas Umbrella

I don't mind rain as long as I am indoors. And since I retired it is even less of an issue because we can arrange our schedule around the raindrops. But we also walk every morning rain or shine. I have an assortment of umbrellas that match whatever is going on outside, another one in the car, and one in my purse. However, when the two of us are walking, it gets clunky to carry two umbrellas because there just isn't enough room on the sidewalk for both of us to walk side by side. And the ancient large umbrella we have just isn't quite big enough to cover us both. When it drizzles, my hat alone does the job, but that is rarely the case. When we took our four time a year ride out to Costco the other day, we noticed the Adidas black and white golf umbrellas staring us in the face. It wasn't just one, but two very large nylon material umbrellas in a pack. The smaller one was large enough for two, and the larger one was big enough for four! They were lighter than the one we have, and seemed sturdier to withstand the winds with a ventilated top. They were designed in Oregon, the "ultimate outdoor laboratory." We haven't had an opportunity to try them out yet, which is fine by me. Now we have so many umbrellas we could use an umbrella stand. But the coat rack will just have to do.

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