Sunday, July 16, 2017

Flowers and Squirrels

I like critters, as long as they don't bother me and they are not in the house - except for pooches of course. As for flowers, who doesn't love them? We haven't seen a lot of either on our daily walks because it has been too hot. And when it's hot, we walk inside Union Station because it is air conditioned. It is rather dark inside there, and it is not our preference. But at least it is an option when the temperatures soar, or when it is ice cold and windy. This morning was a lovely start to the day with sunshine, low humidity, and temps in the 70's. As such, we stayed in the neighborhood and we are never disappointed. They say the squirrels are friendly around here because they do get a lot of free handouts and we ran in to a few of them. Near the senate office building park they practically walk up to you and beg. Once we got under the large shady trees on the north/south sidewalks it was quite pleasant - and quiet. Sundays are so different than any other day of the week. Since I retired a year and a half ago it shouldn't make any difference. But it does.

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