Sunday, July 2, 2017

Rain Showers and Cucumbers

If it is going to rain, I prefer to be inside. And if I have to go out, I have an umbrella for every type of rain. But since we have a garden, we need not only the sunshine, but the rain too. And it's been dry in the neighborhood for the entire month of June. Watering the tiny patio garden with the hose doesn't have the same impact as rain. Just a couple of days ago the cucumber vine was beginning to show promise. And just in time, yesterday afternoon there was a downpour that drenched the whole place. The storm lasted about an hour. This morning when my husband went to check out the garden, the cucumbers tripled in size. A couple of days ago they were tiny little pickles and the next day they were six inches. My husband plucked one off and we celebrated our first garden harvest of the season! We also noted three more cucumbers on the way. Rather than wait for dinner, we decided to have the cucumber for brunch. There is nothing better than a fresh vegetable right off the vine and on to the plate. Hopefully the growing season will continue well in to August. I have a lot more faith in the cucumbers than the tomatoes. In the end, I suppose the rain is a necessity. But I still prefer to be indoors.

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