Tuesday, August 9, 2022

DampRid Tablets

There is nothing worse than a very humid environment. So I’m doing my best to keep the humidity in check in our 1000 square foot condo. We have a small humidifier running in the main living space and it collects a lot of water. Then there is the small unit running in the bathroom. But the one place that also needed a boost was the bedroom closet. So we got some DampRid tablets that you stick in a plastic container. It doesn’t require an electrical plug. It just sits there and collects water. I put the container in the closet at the beginning of July. This week, about a month later, the container was full. Once the tablet dissolves completely the water needs to be emptied and a new tablet placed. So that’s what I did - and I needed to order a back up supply of tablets. Hopefully I won’t be needing them when the fall arrives. It’s hard to believe that a closet contains that much wet air. I suppose I can be somewhat confident that the product does what it says. There is a bit of a scent which wasn’t too bad. But the replacement tablets are unscented. There sure are a lot of filters and tablets in this house - HVAC, air purifier, refrigerator water…. What on earth did we do before all of this?  

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