Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Change in Routine Includes Pete's Diner?

I am not an early riser but my husband is. When I am working he walks with me to the Library and then heads on to the Mall. On my most recent day off, I decided to get up early and join in - partly to keep him company - but also to avoid the afternoon heat. I wore a big brimmed hat and sunglasses to avoid any recognition without make up, and to protect myself against the sun. I grew up in Florida and didn't bother much when I was young to wear a hat and am certainly paying for it now with all the sun related skin blemishes. So we made our way by the Capitol, along the Mall past the Natural History Museum and to the Washington Monument where we took in a bit of the re opening ceremony following earthquake repairs. On the way home we decided a visit to Pete's Diner was a good idea. It's located right across from the Library. We usually go out for lunch/brunch when I am off and haven't been to Pete's since before we moved here. It may become a Monday mid morning habit. The Spanish omelet was excellent and the service couldn't be better. And the timing was great. It was just busy enough. The best part was we walked a couple more blocks to get home and I had the rest of the day to hang another ten pet portraits at the Wagtime Shop and complete another custom cat portrait. It was a really nice day off. I just wish I liked getting up early!

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