Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Birds of a Feather On Our Window

We had a white parakeet named Snowball as a first pet, followed by a green and blue one named Greeny and Bluey, followed by a talking blue Ringo who followed commands, sat on your glasses, and rode on the Barbie Doll car steering wheel. In Milwaukee we had two bird baths and several bird houses placed about the back yard. My favorite wild birds are cardinals, but even the little sparrows and wrens were welcome company. Here on our little patio we have a solar birdbath that attracts many thirsty critters. Every once in a while a feathered friend will land on the gated window. This one seemed different. By the looks of him, he was quite young with a spotted breast and a few little furry feathers on his head. When I approached the window he wasn't the least bit concerned- a sure sign that he was very immature. He looked hungry and thirsty and I felt bad that he may be lost. But I felt much better the following day when I saw a mother robin feeding him in the nearby bush located close to this same window. He must have been exploring the neighborhood and listened when his mother told him to stay close to home. 

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