Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sorry, No Photos of Rude Behavior

Since I started this blog almost three years ago, I take pride in posting a daily entry with accompanying photos that often articulate better the point I'm trying to make. But I don't have any pictures for the first time today because it's sometimes hard to get a good picture of a feeling. With spring break came a lot of visitors to DC. But in our neighborhood on Capitol Hill it always gets quieter on the streets and the government buildings when Congress is out of session. When I walked home from work last evening three things happened that reminded me that they, and their staffs, were back. Leaving the building a door was slammed in my face. In the torrential rain, I waited for an arrogant young man coming in the opposite direction to pass so he wouldn't have to walk through the puddle on the sidewalk while he watched me wait for him. Right after that I approached the driveway of an underground parking garage and was almost run over by another young man in his white BMW, who could not be bothered to see if anyone was in his path. And to make it all  the more outrageous, my little Betta fish Moby Dick decided it was time to swim to fish heaven last night. I think that might be what makes all the other actions all the more disgusting. 

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