Monday, May 26, 2014

A Wedding, Rolling Thunder, Resting, and a Rose Garden - The Perfect Memorial Day Weekend

I wanted to avoid the Rolling Thunder motorcycles if at all possible, but it wasn't possible. Milwaukee is the home of Harley Davidson, and every year the city celebrated the founder and was filled with the noise pollution the hundreds of motorcycles brought with them. So when we moved here, we thought we escaped them. Because the usual route for our walk was fenced off on the Capitol Building grounds due to the Memorial Day Concert, we took another path down Constitution Avenue. When we walked over to the large fountain surrounded by roses, a wedding party was emerging from a very large stretch limo and a huge bus. There were many attendants for this affair, and the photographer was having a field day capturing the events. As we moved down the Avenue, the roar of the bikes was unavoidable. We headed toward the Archives and turned in to the Mall. The food trucks were packed with customers, many enjoying the beautiful day under a tree sipping on something cold or catching a bite to eat. We always stop at the US Botanical Garden on the way home and each week brings with it a different blooming flower. A this time, the rose garden was filled with attentive photographers and flower lovers alike. It was the perfect Memorial Day Weekend - except for the motorcycles. 

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