Friday, May 16, 2014

Cuisinart K Cup Keurig Replacement Via UPS

I can't remember exactly when we got the Cuisinart K cup single tea and coffee maker, but it is not more than two years. A couple days ago we noticed the lights blinking on the front of the panel. We turned it on and off, then unplugged it and left it overnight. When we replugged it, the lights were still blinking. It didn't affect the ability of the machine to make tea or coffee,  but we didn't want the thing starting a fire if we forgot to unplug it. So my husband called the support line.  I had registered the thing so they had all our information. Without any issue, they said they would send a replacement, and we should pack ours in to the same box and return it to Arizona. They guy didn't seem surprised about the problem, so it must not be unusual. Within a couple days the new coffee maker arrived from New Jersey. We followed the directions, put the packing slip inside the box, and wrote the notification number both inside and outside the box. It is kind of a hassle- especially when you need to spend $22.00 at the UPS store to send the thing back. Is it worth it? I'm not so sure. Do you think they should have paid for postage? Aside from that, we have a regular old Braun coffee maker that has worked every day for many years without a hitch, although I have to say we had to replace the carafe after it broke. It makes you wonder if it is worth the convenience of the single K cup and individual choice about what to drink from a variety of options, or forcing everyone to drink whatever you happen to be making with one big pot of coffee. But it doesn't make tea. Plus, we have to order K cup decaf tea because we can't find it in any store. Is this really the best way to go? I suppose it depends who wants the tea or coffee. 

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