Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dailey and Vincent at The Library of Congress

It's hard to write about something I don't know anything about. But I will give it a try. As we were walking yesterday on our way home we came across a very large bus that was parked next to the Library of Congress and across from the Supreme Court on East Capitol Street. It belonged to Dailey and Vincent - sorry to say, neither one of us knew who they were. My husband thought that someone may have hired the singers for a wedding that we just saw was setting up near the Capitol. I thought they may be parked there because they were performing at the Library. When we got home, I looked the names up on Wikipedia to learn more about them. I can't say I'm a blue grass follower, but apparently they are a significant presence and have earned several Grammy nominations. I used to listen to blue grass more as a student at Florida State University all those years ago so am somewhat familiar with it. The Library always has a free concert series, and we have been to a few. And that is exactly where this group was performing last evening. As we passed by the bus I figured I better take a few photos because I assumed there may be something to it...and of course, there was. So if you are ever in DC it is worth your time to look at the Library's website to see the free events that are open to the public. You never know what you'll come across. 

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