Sunday, May 22, 2016

DC Bike Ride

There is always some sort of race going on around town. Usually we don't get balled up in it because they are early in the day and we don't venture out in the car until after noon. But we do walk before noon, and we typically walk on the mall. Today was DC Bike Ride, and they were out in full force - in the dreary misty morning. The hardest part for us was trying to cross the street without getting run over. The end point was right near the Capitol on Pennsylvania Avenue. Hundreds of bikers were going to the bike valet parking spot in front of the national gallery of art. I don't know what the scheduled festivities are, but we walked through it all on our way back home. Last week it was the police memorial with motorcycles and horses. Next week it will be rolling thunder over Memorial Day weekend. We usually don't know what it will be until we start walking. I have to give all these folks credit for participating in these events. As for is? We much prefer being observers. 

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