Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Vegetable Garden

We put the tomato plants in a few weeks ago on our tiny patio garden. The cucumbers were not yet available so we left a spot for them later. Since most of May was very cold and dreary, neither of the two tomato plants progressed very far. So finally after three weeks of dreariness, the sun came out and we headed to the nursery to pick out a couple cucumber plants. It's amazing what a couple days of heat does for the tomatoes! One of the plants is doing much better than the other, and has flowers blooming. The cucumber leaves are already sprouting. And rather than have the vines grow on the ground, we rigged up a trellis of sorts to get them to make their way towards the top of the fence. That way they won't get lost in the weeds and we can keep a better eye on them. We always had a garden in Milwaukee, but it was on the north side of the house and the growing season was more limited. The last couple of years have not been nice to the tomatoes. Our crops were stifled by extreme heat so it will be interesting to see how things go this time. Hopefully we will at least get something out of it. There's nothing better than a fresh tomato and cucumber right off the vine. We are really looking forward to it! It's nice to have a tiny space to live and plant in an urban environment. It just feels more like home. 

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