Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas Digital Art Commissions

It happens every year about this time. My little Etsy shop starts to hum with custom pet portrait digital art commissions for Christmas. Luckily for me, I am able to bring my studio (my iPad and stylus) with me if we are traveling - and in all likelihood we usually are. It makes it a little more difficult to sketch and paint if I am riding in a car, but at least I can do some of it and minimally keep in contact with my customers with updates. Last year we were in England when the orders starting coming in - so many that I had to finally begin documenting them using pen and paper - in addition to my iPhone - to keep them straight. I've completed a few so far this last week. I'm thinking I will get a few more orders, sometimes only a few days before Christmas. The least I can do is create a sketch with an IOU to complete the portrait by the end of the month, or even in to January depending on what's in the queue.  The nicest reward is that I oftentimes get repeat customers, which is a real compliment. It's really a very nice hobby and I look forward to creating each and every portrait. The feedback is nice too! So if you are interested in having a custom pet or any other portrait painted at this time or any other time of the year, contact me at

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