Friday, November 11, 2016

Isfahan Dress Donation to the Library of Congress

When we were in Iran seven years ago, one of our stops was in Isfahan. At the huge bazaar there, we saw a lovely dress hanging on a line outside that caught our attention. We usually don't purchase things when we travel, but this was an exception. I never wore the dress, and it has been hanging in our closet since it was brought home. I thought about turning it to a window box wall hanging or making it in to a pillow or something like that, but decided against it. So I had the idea that there may be a better place for it, and asked if the Middle Eastern Division at the Library of Congress might be interested in having this textile. I worked at the library for ten years, and we attend many of the programs in the middle eastern division. We also know Hirad, who works in the department. So earlier this week, I said my good blues to this treasure, and we brought it over to the Library for safe keeping. It really deserves to be in such a wonderful place and I'm happy that it found an even better home that it had. I know it will be well cared for even though I will miss it. It represents a lot of things for me personally, but I still have photos!

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