Monday, November 14, 2016

Super Moon in DC

I forgot all about it. I noticed the large yellowish moon rising in the sky last night on our way to Rockville for dinner. On our way home I checked Facebook and everyone was posting their views of the super moon. I do remember sitting in front of the Capitol building several years ago waiting for the large moon to rise back then. So before we reached home, I asked my husband to swing around the Capitol building again to see if I could at least get the moon in the same shot as this landmark place! I tried to get the moon with the Washington monument, but it was quite blurry. But by the Capitol, the streets were deserted so it was very easy to stop, jump out of the car, and jump back in. We went by the Supreme Court as well. But in the end, the best photo was of our building in the moonlight. My husband really has no interest in any thing to do with astronomy, except for the physics of it all. I, on the other hand, used to look at the sky with a telescope in the backyard growing up. I even did a science project on Venus. So when these events take place, I do take notice. And he helps me find the right backdrops.

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