Friday, November 4, 2016

John Coltrane Odyssey

Our friends are visiting from the Midwest, and just about as soon as they arrived we were off for a light dinner at Tortilla Coast down the street and then a program sponsored by the Library of Congress. On the way, we picked up two more local friends who joined us for both. The program was in the Madison building, which is where I worked for ten years. We got there in plenty of time for the show about John Coltrane. Neither my husband nor I are jazz enthusiasts, but our friends are. The speaker was very entertaining - a local DC artist by the name of  Andrew White. He worked with the Fifth Dimension and Stevie Wonder to name a few associations. He spoke like he dressed! He was quite enthusiastic and shared stories as well as all the transcripts of Coltrane music that he scripted. I know how to read music, but could not make heads or tails out of these elaborate music pieces. After the program we all walked back to our house and shared stories and such. It was quite the evening. It's always great to be around friends. Living in DC makes the entertainment planning even easier.

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