Sunday, November 27, 2016

National Mall Flowers

You wouldn't think that at this time of the year, the flowers would still be so lovely. But with the warmer than usual temperatures and sunshine, everything still looks like late summer. It hasn't been this nice outside in the ten years that we have lived here. And wouldn't you know, this is the year we both got new very insulated jackets and coats from LLBean to better brave the elements of the typically very unpleasant, rainy, and freezing cold fall and winter. And don't forget about the hand and toe warmers! We haven't needed any of that yet this year - yet! So when we walk to the National Mall every morning, we always promenade through the Smithsonian gardens. There is always something blooming, and if it is not, it is replaced by something that is. Even our little patio garden is looking quite nice. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the rest of the season stayed like this?

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