Thursday, November 17, 2016

Crate and Barrel Slovakia Rona Wine Glasses

When we moved to DC ten years ago, we left just about everything behind because there was not a lot of room in a 500 square foot space. But we had a tiny wine cabinet with hangers for wine glasses. Over the last few years, one has broken here and there. Last week another one bit the dust. We were left with two large and one smaller banana style; only one Cherry of the four original fruit motif; one from Ingleside vineyard; one plain glass smaller version; and one plain glass larger version. So after lunch we took a ride to Crate and Barrel and thought we were getting a set of four that matched the larger plain version. When we got home, they were all larger and taller than the larger version! Oh well! At least now we have a complete set of something - but they really are for white wine rather than red wine, and were made in Slovakia with the label Rona. We usually have a very small glass of wine every evening for as long as I can remember, so two glasses of anything works. In the end it doesn't really matter what the glass looks like - to us. But when we have guests, at least we will have a matching set - until the next one breaks.

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