Saturday, November 5, 2016

Library of Congress Employee Art Show

For the last few years I have submitted two digital paintings to the Library of Congress employee art show. This year was a portrait of four old friends sitting and standing in front of a wall in Yazd, Iran. The other was a fish pond on Capitol Hill. The only difference this year is that I retired in February, and haven't seen the exhibit since it opened in October. So when we went to a program at the library the other evening, we stopped by to visit the show. It is located on the sixth floor of the Madison Building and lasts through April. It's great exposure for anyone who likes to participate in these sorts of things. In fact, someone who works there mentioned that he saw my work, which reminded me to go myself! Anyway, if you are in DC anytime through April, please stop by and see the collection. It's not every day that someone has the opportunity to have such a great display site. Imagine what else resides in that building!

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