Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Capitol Hill Deserted Streets

As we do every morning, my husband and I go for a walk. It's more like medicine for me - something I need to do to "stay in shape," feel better, and hopefully help reduce my cholesterol. I haven't been able to tolerate any lowering cholesterol drugs, so the walk, sit ups, exercise, and stationary bike are my prescriptions, along with a really healthy diet. So on this Thanksgiving day, it was apparent that everyone has flown the coop to eat unhealthy and lots of holiday fare. The streets were naturally deserted by the Capitol and office buildings. Union Station was rather quiet too. But the neighborhood was desolate. It's not unusual for this town to empty out at this time of year, but it was before noon. But it still feels odd. We never noticed the huge shift in activity when we lived in the Midwest, but it was a suburban neighborhood. We aren't hosting dinner this year, so my husband and I are going to Alexandria for a late afternoon feast. Wishing everyone a happy holiday wherever you might be!

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