Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wooden Ducks From England Found on Etsy

When the other half of our family lived just down the street from us, they had an assortment of whimsical wooden bamboo ducks displayed in one of the rooms in their lovely rowhouse. They purchased them all at Eastern Market from a vendor from Turkey. Unfortunately, the vendor is no longer around, so it was with much gusto that I searched high and low for six more when the request came in. And these new additions would join the others in their new Virginia home. They were unable to find them anywhere, but I finally found a few on Etsy - the internet marketplace that I have a digital art shop. What was odd is that all of them were from shop owners in England. No one had six all together, so I split the order between four from one place and a family of three ducks from another. The tricky part would be the postage... a lot more than one would like - but it was for a good cause. The first package arrived a couple weeks ago and two of the the four ducks beaks were broken. The shop owner refunded me for the two, which made up for the postage. The second bunch came in this week, about four weeks after they were ordered. This group was intact, but one of the heads was loose. Regardless, they will be making their way to their new home soon. It's not very often that I can find something that our son can't. I'm looking forward to seeing how they get displayed!

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