Saturday, November 12, 2016

East Potomac Park Fall

We haven't had this beautiful stretch of weather in DC since we moved here ten years ago. The skies have been blue and the temps have been moderate - and we are half way in to November! Maybe it's because I have never experienced this time of year as a retired person, which makes it all the more lovely. And as wild as everyone gets about cherry blossoms in spring, to me it is just as beautiful in fall. So after brunch we took a ride to the tidal basin and to east and west Potomac Park. It was moderately busy with tourists, locals, bike riders, and bus loads on the road in front of us. The sun was glistening on the river, and it was so peaceful! It sounds like a colder and snowier winter is predicted in the area. But for now, I'll take the current landscape and time of year.

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