Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hirshhorn and Sackler Rooms With A View

We have some out of town visitors this weekend and it is always challenging to plan what to see and do. Invariably it generally turns out well for whatever reason. Obviously the only thing anyone is talking about is the cherry blossoms. Before we venture out along the Tidal Basin tomorrow, we thought a walk to the Hirshhorn and Sackler Gallery would be fun. The peculiar thing about it is that I found the view from the windows more interesting than the art and Cyrus Cylinder inside either place. The architectural elements, perfectly clear crisp blue sky and brilliant sunshine casting shadows in just the right places made for exquisite scenes through mesh curtains and window frames. Yes, the magnolias in full bloom in front of the Smithsonian Castle were simply magnificent. But the impact of Mother Nature against the buildings and man made elements were just more appealing.

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