Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One Down, One To Go

No one I know likes going to the doctor. It is dizzying to hear the number of times my 90 year old mother and 93 year old father go for their assorted appointments. And they are relatively healthy. They depend on their neighbors and friends to take them, because we all live here and they live in Florida. At least the lab person comes to their house, saving those additional trips. Today we went for an eye appointment for my husband who needs the pressure checked regularly for glaucoma. He had a procedure a few months back to release the pressure, and once again it was slightly up, which necessitates another visit in a month. The worst part about any of it is getting there. To go about two or three miles to Washington Hospital Center, it takes forever. I've suggested that he make appointments later in the morning or my preferred "first appointment after lunch" so as to avoid rush hour traffic. This afternoon, he has another appointment for his annual check up. That office is in the neighborhood, but still unpleasant. Too many appointments for one day! I suppose we shouldn't complain, and have no right to. We both worked in health care for over sixty years if you combine both of our careers. It just reminds us how different it is to be on the other side of the fence. And neither one of us likes it. So what's the morale to all of this? One really needs to appreciate their health and never take it for granted, because you can't do much without it - even when you need to go to the doctor.

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