Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Washington Post Front Page Zazzle Ad

As most people do every morning, I was checking the news bits on a variety of on line sources when something caught my eye. On the upper right hand corner of The Washington Post front page is a space for rotating ads. Some are more interesting than others, and you really can't help but glance over and see them. This particular one was of special interest because it looked very familiar. It was a Zazzle ad for some T shirts but also for an IPad cover/skin. Zazzle has millions of products.  So when I saw my Persian cat hand drawn digital image on display I was taken aback, but also quick enough to catch a photo of it before it disappeared. I have a Zazzle shop - LIT Digital Art - that showcases my artwork on a variety of products. Never did I think any of them would show up on the front page of The Post - while I happened to be looking at it!

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