Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Prettiest House on the Block is up for Sale - Oops! It's Sold!

We knew it was coming. But when we saw the for sale sign go up on Friday, I knew it wouldn't take long - and it didn't. We moved here a few years ago from Wisconsin to live - coincidentally - on the same block as our son, daughter in law and then two year old grandson. It was with a great deal of excitement that on a visit to DC our then pregnant daughter in law showed us the new house they just purchased right before our son was sent off to his first deployment. The neighborhood has changed a lot in the eight years since we moved, and unfortunately will be changing even more when they move on to Virginia, not hardly just down the street. The house was mentioned in Urban Turf, complete with a koi pond out front. It was transformed in to a beautiful place, made only better by the people who lived In it. The house, and our grandson, were the inspiration for some of my art, and the subject and illustrations for my three children's books. My husband was very involved with grandson activities, and was known in the neighborhood as grandpa, not doctor! So when we walked by the sold sign today it was sort of sad, but life goes on. It's always harder for the ones left behind. 

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