Monday, June 20, 2016

A Lost In Space Week With Old House Repairs

Compared to the Midwest, we live in very tiny spaces. And these tiny spaces are very old - from the 1890's. And as with any house it needs a lot of attention. Last week was one of those lost in space weeks where wall repairs and HVAC issues needed to be addressed. Luckily we were able to schedule two different crews to coordinate the work since the HVAC people don't deal with plaster repair - they just know how to make a mess. Of course, nothing ever goes as planned or stays on schedule. So our usual routine was definitely off kilter and we always get crabby. Hopefully whatever was done will last awhile or with wishfully thinking - permanently? In the Midwest we had a wonderful do it all handyman that was available whenever we needed him. He would even stay in the house and babysit the dog whenever we left town. Here we are somewhat lucky, and at least have a reliable handyman that can pretty much do it all too. But he is so busy because everyone needs him! His phone is ringing non stop and he is getting ready to do a massive kitchen update in Virginina, among all the other projects. I'm just glad he could squeeze us in. He's probably one of the few people we can really trust and feel confident about his work. That's very hard to come by around here. We should know. 

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