Thursday, June 30, 2016

TURN's Major Hewlett and Major Andre Remind Me of Masterpiece

I was going to major in history in college, but changed my mind when I thought it might be tough to find a job with a major like that. So I went in to nursing, to the astonishment of my parents and a surprise to myself. Somehow it all worked out - and I did get a job. Since that time, I have remained connected to all things history, primarily the Civil War time period. Living in Washington DC also influences any sense of history because we are surrounded by it on Capitol Hill. Recently I was intrigued by the AMC series TURN. My husband didn't really get into it so much, but I stuck with it and was glad after we saw this last season. I really liked two characters in the show because of the roles, but more because of the acting. We spend a lot of time watching everything Masterpiece, and Poldark would come close to TURN time wise, and of course Downton Abbey was a whole other story. And who would miss Jane Austen mini series? Anyway! My point is Major Hewlett and Major Andre reminded me of the typically fine acting from most Masterpiece shows. They just seemed to outshine all the American character counterparts. Maybe it was the uniforms, or the outcomes of their stories that were most memorable. But they certainly left an impression on me and probably a lot of other people who watched it. My husband actually was compelled to watch the last couple shows simply because they were so good. There is something about England, the British, and British actors, or Americans who play British roles. I like to think of myself as an historian at heart, but I think it was the personal history that was so touching. (Photos are from ten AMC TURN Website)

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