Saturday, June 18, 2016

Army Band Concert on the Capitol Steps

It's something we look forward to every summer. Since we moved here ten years ago, we always try to get to the concerts on the Capitol steps on Friday evenings. The concerts are held just about every day of the week, but Friday always worked out the best for us. But now that I think of it, any evening would work since I retired in February! They start at 8 PM and last an hour. The weather was perfect last night, and the evening was simply beautiful. Bus loads of visitors were milling about, as well as the usual locals with their pets. Some brought their dinner. Because of the Capitol dome renovation and for security reasons, the location of the band changed again. They face the Capitol and the crowd faced the mall. Regardless of the vantage point, the view is spectacular with the sun setting on the mall. It's got to take a lot of work to set up and dismantle all this equipment. I'm sure they have it worked out like clockwork. One of these evenings we will need to check out the summer concerts in Yards Park. There's just so much to pick from! And that's one of the reasons we like living here. 

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