Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Smithsonian Folklife Festival - California and Basque

Over the last two weeks or so, the National mall is transforming in to another Smithsonian folklife festival. This year California and Basque innovation and culture will be highlighted. The festival begins tomorrow. It is also the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Because of that the Capitol grounds were again prepared for the concert and fireworks. The perimeter is fenced off for crowd control with only two entrance and exit points. As we were walking about this morning on this very overcast and humid day, the last touches were being put in to place- flowers in pots, instructions for the groups who will be sponsoring and managing the event, putting up the huge BASQUE sign, and providing directions and signage for the new addition at the arts and industries building where crafts and other items will be on display. We think we might wander around there sometime over the next couple of days. The crowds seem to be getting bigger and bigger as the week goes on. It's always a very busy time of year here. My husband loves all this commotion. I'm just not as enthusiastic as he is. But at least we don't have to rely on any transportation to get there, except our feet. 

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