Thursday, June 23, 2016

Smithsonian Castle Art Panels

Last week we walked passed the Eastern Market construction zone. A walkway was also constructed to avoid being struck by flying objects and to protect the pedestrian traffic as it passes by this huge project. Within the walls of the walkway was artwork created by kids from the surrounding schools. It's actually very pretty as there is something about kid art that is colorful and unique, yet consistent! Every once in awhile when we walk in the other direction towards the National Mall, we find ourselves in the Smithsonian Castle. It's an interesting place to stop for a drink, look at rotating exhibits, take a load off your feet, or use the facilities. I never noticed before a collection of "art" strips on the north castle wall close to the front entrance. I was struck by the color combinations, but really didn't pay much attention to the back story, except I did notice one was about Alice in Wonderland. Regardless, they seemed whimsical and interesting. Perhaps the next time we return I'll need to explore what the panels are all about. In the meantime, they were obvious enough to grab my attention. I'm. It sure any one else noticed! 

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