Monday, June 27, 2016

What's the Idea? Flowers that Close at Night

I should read the labels a little closer. Our little patio garden needed a bit of a sprucing up. For whatever reason, the little pansies sort of shriveled away over the last few weeks, leaving things looking quite spent. So we went to Frager's in the neighborhood and looked around for something with a little punch that covered the ground. We found a really pretty yellow flowering plant, and another that was red and peach. I planted them right away and they looked just right - until the late afternoon evening arrived. All of a sudden, the blooms disappeared, which defeats the purpose of having flowers in the garden! At first I thought the blooms just didn't last long, but then realized they were playing games with us. I do recall having a different flower pulling the same trick on our Milwaukee patio. But there were so many other pots and plants around that you didn't hardly notice. Here it's another matter altogether because we notice every single flower. So to fill the gap we picked up a few dependable petunias and stuck them in. Sometimes exotic isn't always the best, but the flowers sure are pretty when they are open. 

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