Saturday, November 24, 2012

Botanic Garden Christmas Trains

You know Christmas is near when the trains start running at the Botanic Garden. The extravaganza started Thanksgiving Day and runs through January. The theme this year has to do with fairies and fairyland. We went in the separate train entrance and waited just a bit. The path to the trains takes you through the main display of tiny replicas of DC buildings and monuments made out of plant material. They are surrounded by festive plants and flowers all nestled in next to the gurgling stream. I'm not sure who is enamored more by the trains. There's something in it for everyone. Don't forget to peek through the knotty framed windows in the tree trunks. I don't think the elves and fairies will mind. The trains are even more whimsical this year. No one would leave feeling grouchy of grinchy. This is one reason we like living so close to these seasonal treats. The number, types, colors, and languages of the folks who visit here are on display too. And we love every bit of it.

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