Monday, November 5, 2012

Mason Neck State Park and National Wildlife Refuge

Past Mount Vernon along the George Washington Parkway and historic Route 1, then off the beaten path, is Mason Neck Park in Virginia. It reminds us a lot of Grant Park along Lake Michigan. We visit the place at least two times a year with the idea of seeing an eagle or two. The sun was bright and the autumn tree leaves were about done for the season as we reached our destination. The entry fee is $4.00, and we winded our way along the path to the parking area. The wind was whipping us from the North, so we didn't stay outside very long, but enough to know that we missed the eagles again. I have seen several eagles nests along the GW Parkway, but no inhabitants this year. And in the last three days, the hawks have been resting on light posts along the freeway. Something must be in the air. Last evening we were invited over to our grandson's place just a few houses down the street. When we approached the front steps, a huge light colored winged bird flew right past us. He scared us, and I think we scared him as he was about to feast on a fish or two from the pond. We end up seeing more action in our own neighborhood, which was the case in Milwaukee too. But there is nothing like a ride on a crisp fall day to a park, along a scenic road, regardless of where you live. But I'm still wondering what that bird was up to and did the fish know what almost hit them?

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