Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pooches Grooming Mobile Grooming Salon - Pooches, Kitties and Kisses

While on the NW side of town the other day near the National Cathedral neighborhood, we noticed a mobile van parked along the street. We also heard a few yips and cries from what sounded to be a little dog. Then we heard some growling. At the front porch of a house was a caretaker trying to coax a small dog from the owner in to the mobile grooming van. It sounded like there was already at least one occupant in the luxurious spa. After our errand, the van was still there, and the small dog that was growling was probably purring like a cat getting all cleaned up and smelling pretty. In Wisconsin, our vet used to come to our house to attend our borzoi for routine exams and bloodwork. It was wonderful. It was much better and cheaper for all of us. Dogs are really pampered, and this is but another example. But they are so wonderful to have around. I miss our long haired friend. Somehow, the little Betta fish doesn't feel the same, but he tries really hard.

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