Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Seminar by Carey Cavitt in the Jefferson Building

I was not looking forward to a mandatory four hour seminar on customer service. After thirty years in health care we had plenty of them. I had been scheduled to attend on Tuesday, but the hurricane necessitated that it be rescheduled to either Thursday or Friday. I chose Thursday because I knew I would at least enjoy the scenery and the views in the Jefferson Building. So a colleague of mine and I made our way to the appointed room this morning at 8:15. We took the seats closer to the front and next to the window with the gorgeous view of the Capitol. I have to say that no meeting I ever had in Milwaukee matched this setting. And believe it or not, it was actually a great presentation. I especially liked the comments about how the Midwest "gets it," which is essentially what this blog is about. If nothing else, there were some good reminders about the essentials, and it was a nice break from the routine. And did I mention the setting was absolutely stunning?

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