Friday, November 23, 2012

Sounds and Scenes of the Season

The city is congested with visitors and on the way home from lunch near the Cathedral in NW, we took a ride through Georgetown. On the corner of Wisconsin and M Street the carolers were doing what they do wearing half of the traditional outfits suited for the time period. Maybe they were just practicing for the real thing. On the waterfront, along the area that was flooded last year, things have resumed back to their normal activity. Turning on to Rock Creek Parkway heading towards Independence Avenue along the River, walkers, runners, and bicyclists were out in full swing. Some were visiting, some were sight seeing, some were exercising to stave off the increased calories consumed yesterday and in the weeks to come. The tour buses were packed. It will be the last really nice day for awhile, and everyone probably knew it. Hard to believe it is also a work day. I always took the day off after Thanksgiving in Milwaukee too. I used to put up all the Christmas decorations then. But we had a lot more to do there, both inside and out. I feel less compelled to get it done as quickly here. Maybe I'm just getting older.

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