Thursday, November 29, 2012

Marine Barracks Art

You never know where you might find art. It shows up in all the usual and unusual places. On Capitol Hill along Eighth Street SE is Barracks Row. It's obviously named that because of the location of the actual Marine Barracks. I'm not quite sure about the actual history, but I hear Thomas Jefferson may have had a hand in getting it established. During the summer, there are dress parades on Fridays, and a lot of other activity. There are Marines stationed on every corner surrounding the multi-block facility, including special attention near the commandant's house. Our grandson gets his Marine style haircut at the local barber shop. Heading towards the barracks is an underpass that has recently been transformed in to a picture history of the area. Since we moved here the landscape has changed considerably for the better. We oftentimes walk the few blocks to reach this neighborhood as there are always new restaurants to try. This is also the area that John Wilkes Booth made his grand escape crossing the bridge over to Virginia. I wonder if he passed by this same direction?

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