Friday, November 9, 2012

Wave Rider Laundry System

Since we live on the first floor, checking the status of the wash in the laundry room down the hall is not that big of a deal. We have a combination LG washer/dryer in out unit, but it is very small and does not have the capacity to handle large loads like sheets and heavy towels. Our laundry room in Milwaukee was a room we added when the two car garage and family room were built. It was where our large borzoi ate her meals, all the cleaning supplies were stored, and a utility sink became invaluable. The walls of this room were hand painted by an artist with designs we selected to incorporate our favorite things, including Persian script of the names of our relatives in the ivy vines. The last time I used a laundry room was in college. And even now we had to use coins, and my husband made special trips to the bank for quarter rolls. As is the way with parking these days, so goes the laundromat. The coin slots can still be used, but the recently installed new system allows for credit cards, and also a way to check the status of the wash on line to avoid unnecessary trips for those that don't live quite so close to the action. The loads are also cheaper, but the capacity is smaller. But the convenience of credit cards and on line checking probably outweighs any of the other issues. I would expect that living in Milwaukee, but certainly not here.

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