Friday, November 2, 2012

If It Goes There, It's Gone Forever

In our tiny 500 square foot apartment is a combination washer/dryer that barely fits in the tiny closet. We had California Closets come out and redo that space and our bedroom closet to maximize the little room we had - at least get some shelves in. However, there are about three inches of space on either side of the washing machine that becomes the point of no return if anything dares fall in to it. Luckily, we have used our grandson's claw toy to collect some items. Little did we know it would have such value! But when a tube of toothpaste headed in that direction, it was unlikely to get recovered because it was too heavy for the claw to reach and grab, and was in an awkward spot behind the plumbing tubes. But I knew my husband would come up with a creative solution. He got a stick and applied super glue to the end of a wider base that he made out of something... then attached the glue side to the toothpaste box lying beneath. Ultimately it was a success, but oftentimes makes us wonder "what are we doing here"? In Milwaukee we added an easily accessible huge closet to a mud room for all these kinds of articles. And obviously had more than enough closet space, basement, attic, and shed for all storage needs. What a place like this does is make you become very organized, because you really don't have a choice in the matter - unless you want to go out of your mind or don't care how your house looks. I dread the day that we will need repair service, and am horrified to think what might by underneath this appliance.

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