Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanks Again Tommy Wells

Several months ago I wrote an email to Tommy Wells about the free parking along 1st street, the need for guest parking permits for visitors, and a very dangerous intersection. I am trilled to report that all three items have been addressed. The first two were taken care of quite some time ago. Today I noticed that the stop lights were changed to different positions at a very confusing intersection. They may have been moved a while ago, but I knew something was up because the time to cross timer light was skewed to the right. Regardless, his office promised to send someone to this corner to evaluate the issue. There were several near miss accidents that I personally witnessed due to the confusing traffic light configuration. I am just so impressed that somebody actually did what they said they were going to do! Not just for one item, but for all three. Now I am on a campaign to improve the neighborhood parking. I have written again to Tommy Wells, DOT, and the Mayor's offices to help support the notion that "every inch counts" when it comes to parking. If folks would just park to the end or the beginning of the parking sign posts, we could get several more spaces to park. The parking patrol could help with the effort to remind folks to be more aware and courteous. Let's hope we get such a positive response for our parking reminder campaign. I would never have expected such great responses. Thanks Tommy! I feel like I'm back in Wisconsin.

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